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What are you rockin' in your ride? - 2021's Different Wedding Songs

Given that Soul Session is a band that plays weddings and NOT a Wedding band, we play so many different kinds of songs at our weddings that it's crazy. No style or type is safe.....from song to song! And we present them as if we are at Madison Square Garden (MSG) with Grandma sitting in the front row saying "holla!"

As I typically express during this process, time to "make stupid noise" - if you feel what I'm talking about!

So...this list doesn't create categories of what's cool, appropriate/inappropriate, and/or straight trash. It's simply meant to remind families to keep it real with WHO they are and HOW they roll. For instance, if "I wanna grow old with you" (Adam Sandler - "Wedding Singer") moved you and your partner because you had a moment in theater sharing popcorn, then don't every screen your choice against what people think. This time stamp moment lead us all the wedding. Be bold.....especially when you have a band like Soul Session that literally plays EVERTHING (singing in different languages, jazz to Phish to "Hamilton).

Althought we have many honorable mentions during this shortened 2021 wedding season, here is our top 5 (No particular Order):

- "Run Wid It" (Mr. Killa)

All my Soco / Trini Weddings, pick something up and Run Wid it! the hood energy. You know how we do...

- "Oceans" (Misterwives)

Keep it real to your favorite band that you see at shows in your hood.

- "Dixieland Delight" (Alabama)

You can never go wrong with this classic country tune.

Get your two step on!

- "Box of Rain" (Grateful Dead)

Damn, I love our creative Brothers and Sisters when they ask for music that brings them true joy! Huge Jam band FAMILY!

- "Ode to my Family" (Cranberries)

Digging in the crates on this one. Big Poppa (Father of the Bride) cried and cried with his daughter. Absolutely beautiful!

Again don't necessarily think you have to be WAY OUT the box. Just don't be afraid to show your unique relationship selves to both family and friends. They make for the best memories over time.

- G

Any questions on our approach, please give a shout!

b) (888) DIG - SOUL (344 - 7685)

Share your song ideas or tunes you that you've use at your celebration. ALL types are welcomed.

Soul Session - Band Statement

Band Statement 2020b
Download PDF • 198KB

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