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Keepin' it Real: Wedding Vibe

A Real Wedding! A term that I use with our clients frequently to describe what their focus should be. Needless to say and rightfully so, this wedding day (production) has been schemed in their dreams since single digits. But sometimes it fails to live up to the realities of what their relationship truly looks like. Details and nuances that define their unique bond. The "small" things that people don't see unless we let them in.

A real wedding day should feel like a house party that everyone dressed up for with a kick ass band and great food (without having do the dishes after). Honest expressions as a couple without fear of judgment or expectations. Letting family and friends see EXACTLY who you are: funny, corny at times, off the hinges at others, emotional, sentimental, elegant, and ghetto-fabulous! When this happens, you've allowed unplanned MAGIC MOMENTS to blow the dream version out of the water. Keep it real! This is what Soul Session fosters: real weddings.

Soul Session: When the world gives you lemons, make lemon-aide (with all respects)

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