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My Oh My.... what have we learned from the 2021 Wedding Season

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I've been in the business for a minute now and we're blessed to be a part of many families (Cousin G is in da' house). But my oh my...2021! I don't even know how to put into words the spin cycle that you've put us all in. First and foremost, thank you God for the blessings of life.

Turning into the "black" Dr. Phil, as I characterized it to many Soul Session family members, had placed into clear focus what this is really all about....Love! But not just "corny love," but "ride n' die" Notorious B.I.G. love. C-19 actually forced couples to keep it real regardless of the money spent. Being cooped up together for MONTHS, changing wedding dates, losing deposits, questioning family and friend loyalties.... all before saying "I do"? Sugar Honey Iced Tea.... you were definitely meant to be together if you didn't kill each other...or cancel the Netflix account!!!

Another key lesson...can less actually be more?? One would argue that this IS business stupid to even mention as an entertainment provider, but I'm not talking about money. I'm mean only inviting a core group of family/guests that will actually receive holiday cards from you in a calendar year (lol). With client's emotions going in EVERY direction, can we add more value to our celebrations by not adding to the guest list? Something to think about moving into the new year, especially as we still grapple with variant after variant.

Last but certainly not least, getting your "groove on" ON the dance floor! Fortunately for Soul Session, the band and myself in a Solo G and/or DJ G mode, getting brothers and sisters of all demographics partying is what we do (by God's Grace not ours). But what happens when a packed dance floor can break state laws on social distancing and get the jam shut down?? For real.... crazy to think about, right!?! But damn... this balancing act was extremely tense with clients, families, other vendors, and definitely venues. Then it happened! A wedding celebration I Dj'ed/Played live in fall 2020 showed the way: Creative Improvisation. NYS said that all butts need to be in a seat....well, dance holding your chairs AGAINST your BUTTS. YO....I kid you not!! This amazing family cracked the code!!!! When anyone of authority walked towards them, they simply sat down where they once stood (with masks on of course). I laughed my *** off (Pun intended). The point of this memory lane story: WALL FLOWERS BE DAMN, GET YOUR *** UP AND DANCE EVEN IF YOU CAN'T! You never know if we'll lose that group Carlton thang again!

2022, we comin' for you hardcore! And we pray, through humility, grace, vaccinations, and community love, we'll NEVER again take for granted our ability to celebrate love for the right reasons. #ashyfeetg #thesoulist #gmorningsoulist

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