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Keep it Real Magic

Garland Nelson, Wedding Officiant:

By God's Grace, part of my spiritual job as a wedding Officiant is to understand their stories. Their amazingly diverse and unique journeys towards forever partnership and spiritual union. Katie + Charlie was no different. TOTAL GEEK MOMEMT: A couple that plays games together (massive trash talking and good old fashion butt kicking), stays together!

While courting each other on date one, they decided to be themselves totally and represent, over Street Fighter, the arcade game. Katie, using Chung Li, put it on Charlie.

So as a reminder of this moment, they were blessed with a home version to break in case of emergency relational drama. (Ps: I did promise to give Charlie the "up, down, down, circle, square" code to make Blanka unbeatable lol).

May God, Spirit, and family continue blessing their union! Amen! By the way, when the MinnieHaha sails by during the ceremony and they start honking the horn, just waive back lol.....

For more information about our Ceremonial Services (Officiant, Audio & Visual Tech, Streaming Capabilities, and of course Music) please give a shout / email:

Garland Nelson, Minister Toll Free: 888.DIG.SOUL (344.7685) Soul Session Edu-tainment, Inc.

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